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Looping All Over The World Pt.3

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Dresden, Germany!

We had to get to Dresden from Vilnius, Lithuania, as we were visiting Dovile's family there first.

So we started with a journey from HELL. 

The plan: There was no flight to Dresden from Vilnius that would have got us to soundcheck on time so we had to fly to Frankfurt (on the other side of Germany) and get a train to Dresden.

We didn't manage to check in within the 2 hour deadline and were fined 55 EUROS EACH!!! Our flight was delayed so we were worried that we would miss our train. Frankfurt airport is NOT IN FRANKFURT!!! It is a 2 hour bus ride away and you have to go through another city (Mainz) before getting to Frankfurt so YES we did miss SOME trains. We had to pay another 95 EUROS EACH for the new tickets!!!!! We had a train that would get us into Dresden just in time for soundcheck. We missed this train. HOW???? We were on the right platform. At the right time. They changed the platform, like, a minute before the train was due. This now meant getting into Dresden at 9.30pm. My set was 8.45-9.45pm.....

I had been in touch with Jorg, our friend and fellow musician from the band Machine de Beauvoir, who we met at Pin Conference in Macedonia and who had arranged the gigs, throughout the day. I had to send him a message saying we were on course to miss the gig. NOT GOOD. Jorg was a fucking gangster about the whole thing. He delayed the start time of the gig. We managed to get off the train a stop early as it was nearer the Scheune venue. So we arrived in Dresden at 9.20pm, jumped in a cab. Got to the venue at 9.25pm. I set up my gear (SUPER FAST) and by 9.45pm I was playing. I did a 20 minute set and the headline act Herbst In Peking got to play within the curfew time! PHEEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!

Jorg, not only a gangster promoter, also a wicked host! We spent the next 2 days in Dresden with him (and his girlfriend Kersten) and were looked after so well. I played a second gig at Wohnzimmer, a beautiful, kitchy cafe. It was a great show and we had another great night out after. 

Dresden is AWESOME. The Neustadt area is SUPER COOL. Beautiful old buildings, arty vibe, cool graffiti and street art everywhere. Old town is just stunning with all the Baroque architecture. I really recommend this city and can't wait to play there again.

Next stop....?



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