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Looping All Over The World Pt.2

Next stop Eindhoven. Christmas quickly became a memory as we headed to Stanstead on the 27th December. I played 2 shows at the Effenaar venue and it was so cool! The shows were a send off for the Dutch band Mozes And The Firstborn who were (for now. This is the music biz after all!) breaking up.

I've been friends with Mozes since the start as I met Melle, the lead singer, in London over 10 years ago. i was DJing on Old Street (yes, it was still just about cool 10 years ago), playing The Sonics. Melle came up and told me he was a Sonics fan and we've been friends ever since. The band usually stayed at my flat whenever they played in London and Melle and I have been sending each other demos through the years for feedback. He's a great songwriter. You can hear me talking nonsense on one of the skits on their latest album Dadcore.

So the shows were very emotional to watch. Both 2 hour long epics. Both times I held back the tears. It was a little too much to be honest!

The other support act were Gramma, another band from Einhoven and, now, the new pretenders and next generation of Eindhoveners I accommodate on trips to London. They are also super fucking awesome and played 2 storming shows. We got to hand out with them a lot and spent new years eve with most of the band. 

My shows were SO much fun. Big venue, dressing room, the lot. Sold out crowd. It was fantastic. I now know what the 'Punch In Record' button does on the looper. On the first night it took 4 attempts at a song (the second loop deleted the first one and I was freaking out that the machine was busted) to work out what was wrong. Noone minded though. I've long given up caring about restarting songs if the loop isn't tight enough. It often brings you closer to the audience as you get to make a joke and it shows that you are just human after all (almost, anyway).

So next stop is Dresden on 25th January...

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